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The Masons' Journal - 25/06/18 Wickwar

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

"It’s been a thoroughly pleasant experience working in this friendly Gloucestershire village on a Classical Bath stone door hood with simple corbels and triangular pediment. The door hood had been clad in a counter-productive concrete and bitumen coating, which was removed before layers of paint were tooled away to reveal bare stone. The moulding had eroded severely at the weathering so, after consultation with the client, it was agreed for new stone to be pieced in and worked in situ to restore the moulding to its former glory. Now, with its complete cyma recta, the proper proportions of this Classical design feature can once again be appreciated.

The finished work

We did our upmost to avoid disruption to the village community throughout the job and this seemed to be appreciated. We spoke to several locals as the work progressed, who were keen to offer encouragement and ask about the techniques being used. We particularly enjoyed our occasional breaks for refreshment in the excellent Wickwar Coffee Shop where we were given a warm, caffeinated welcome and our dusty clothes were tolerated in very good humour." - FE

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