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We are proud to be able to offer the opportunity to commission a true original, your own hand-carved stone design piece.  At the heart of this service is the relationship between the craftsperson and you and it all begins with a conversation. 


With skill in hand-rendering visual ideas, appreciation for the nuances of design and an understanding of the scope of the materials, the stonemason-sculptor will serve at every stage to guide you through the design process to fulfill your creative vision.  If necessary, a consultation visit will be made to you in the intended location of the stone piece, here the craftsperson can advise on how best to exploit the size of the room and the fall of natural and artificial light.  Finally the dynamic and primary function of the space will inform the correct situation, proportions, form and finishing of the piece


Then, from the premium beds of limestone and marble, often no longer commercially available due to their rarity, we select the finest available material for the project. We may choose from our selection of real and semi marbles last quarried 500 years ago. An experienced eye identifies even the tiniest imperfection, only perfect materials are used for seen and carved surfaces, none of the precious material is wasted and the remainder is assessed and assigned to unseen structural uses. 


The dimensions of any of our collection pieces can be changed within the scope of the design.  We will talk to you about personal touches to make the design your own.  We can create copies from all manner of reference sources including classical paintings or renowned architecture.  The finish of your piece can also be specified; you may prefer a crisp, clean detail or a patina or distressed effect to give a sense of antiquity. 

All items are one of a kind originals made to your specifications, the antique treasures of the future and heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation.

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