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Behind the Serram - 09/07/18

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Stephen L’Normand, Guild Master of The Stonemasons’ Guild of St. Stephen and St. George and his company are presently working in partnership with Echinus on his premium Serram brand. This is a collaboration combining his technical skill and vast experience with the energy and talent of his Dons, the Craft Masters of the future.

For the past eighteen years Stephen has worked in the cloistered world of a portfolio of high-end clients and has decided now is the time to pass on what he has learnt to the next generation.

“If a luxury item is something of the highest quality, creatively designed, masterfully produced and truly one of a kind then we are producing authentic, high end luxury pieces. We cater for clients around the world who have a certain level of sophistication; they understand the important things in their life and what they want to spend money on. They identify the subtleties and nuances of a design, recognising true quality and the stories interwoven into the piece through materials used and the craftsman’s skill and experience. Our work is carried out within the finest traditions of our craft using the highest quality and rarest materials, meticulously crafted and finished. Our bespoke pieces are meticulously hand-crafted for the specific needs of the client. Our pieces are part of a client’s luxury lifestyle package along with their house, their clothes, their shoes or the car they drive.”

In the 2018/19 season, Stephen and his team are working with water, using movement, colour and sound along with proportion to create specific moods; challenging perceptions and pushing the boundaries of technical achievement.

“Our work falls into several overlapping areas; architectural, interior design and art pieces and exterior spaces. I am presently particularly interested in the use of water in my work; harnessing the potential to create a microhabitat and climate. I bring concepts from the worlds of dance, music and even millinery to my work and I keep abreast of the work of crafts and arts people I admire in a large range of disciplines, people like Philip Treacy and Marcelino Sambé”

- SL

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