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Specialist Services

Discover more about our exclusive services in the design and hand crafting of carved and cast pieces

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Concept Range

 We offer a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive range of bespoke carved or cast pieces to represent a brand, design theme or concept.  We have produced collections of furniture, ornaments, architectural features, objets d'art and lighting for private residences and large estates.  We are able to create retail ranges for heritage and arts gift shops that directly reference their buildings or collections and for business and corporate offices. conveying the ethos and brand of the organisation.

Perspective and Proportion

Drawing on the rarest, elite design techniques and the knowledge of generations of craft Masters, we can create a set of scaled items, whether ornament or statuary, that stand as fine pieces in their own right but together create a remarkable optical illusion.  At your request, classical techniques made famous by Palladio and Borromini can be employed in our designs to produce false perspective and deceive the eye.  We are also fluent in earlier techniques using harmonic proportion to produce specific moods and associations such as masculinity or femininity.

Dining Room Exhibition 2_edited.jpg
Dining Room Exhibition 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Busts and Statuary

We are delighted to accept commissions for unique original portrait busts or statues and can produce direct studies from life and reference images as well as figures from history or fantasy.  We will advise on the most suitable materials and support you through the refinement of the design but you, as the commissioner, ultimately decide on the style, scale and finish before the piece is immortalised in stone or cast in bronze, plaster, lead, resin or re-constituted stone.

Fountains and Water Features

We are world-leaders in the production of hand-carved stone and marble water features to the highest standards and specifications.  Our artisans have worked on illustrious features such as the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Rome and are proud to showcase specialist design techniques which exploit carved surfaces to produce soothing white noise at varying pitches that will subtly subdue ambient noise pollution in open spaces.  We are also skilled in creating specific moods using proportion, shadow, sound and the movement of water.

Venetian Well Head
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