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This understatedly beautiful decorative well head has been carved to the design of a Vera da Pozzo (Venetian) original.  Still seen all over Venice, well heads of this type were, until recent years, the main source of fresh water for all Venetians. 


The Venetian Gothic foliate panelling is surrounded by four gothic columns with foliate capitals and a further four Gothic pilasters. Natural bird and fruit motifs adorn the spandrels of the piece.


This piece is designed to stand empty as a design feature but can be used as a planter, a well cap or, alternatively, can be lined with a lead or fibreglass cistern to catch rain water.


The piece is carved in natural limestone but is also available in marble.  Please contact us to speak to one of our craftspeople about any of these options.

Venetian Well Head

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Approximate dimensions


    Height: 1.08m (42")




    Limestone or Marble options are available for the main body of the fountain.

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