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Instantly bring a sense of grandeur to your garden, gateway or outdoor space with this handsome Neoclassical urn featuring the ever-popular 'aegicrane' or ram's head motif.


This ancient symbol of good fortune, success, strength and power has descended to us from the civilisation of Ancient Egypt, where the revered ram was often the namesake of pharaohs (Ramesses) and even the word for their burial tombs, pyramids, translates to the 'paternal power of the ram'.


This piece looks superb when planted with large shrubs or bright pelargoniums in the Meditarranean style but, standing empty, it offers more than enough to hold the eye.  The ram's heads are connected with bountiful, floral swags and adorned with stylised acanthuses and dynamic ribbon-work, all founded on a pleasing octagonal base. 


As with all our stone pieces, this is hand-carved and finished to order, offering the chance to adapt and personalise the design if you wish to create a true original.  Contact us to learn more.

Ram's Head Urn

  • Height - Approx. 914mm (36")

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