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The fluted design in this elegant fire surround cleverly gives the illusion of height and creates a big impact.  The mantel is flanked by a pair of slender, hand-carved urns bedecked with delicate swag-work in basso-relievo, which, to those in the know, is the shallowest and most skilled frieze carving work. 


The naturally luxurious appeal of smooth white marble will stand up to extrvagent and bold room decoration but is undeniably seen at it's best when surrounded by a cohesive Neoclassical design scheme.

Neoclassical Fluted Marble Fire Surround

  • Dimensions -

    Height: 1.55 m (61")
    Width: 1.91 m (75")
    Internal height: 1.14 m (45")
    Internal width: 1.16 m (45")

    Dimensions are given as an average for this design. 

    All measurements can be altered within the design of thispiece as we hand carve all our  fire surrounds to order in our own workshops.

    There maybe am additional cost for larger changes in size.


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