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Grotto Niche Water Feature

A stately, Classically-designed and proportioned niche water feature, depicted here with rusticated arch, nature-imitating grotto stone finish and vermiculated detailing, makes a magnificent focal point to any garden but works especially well for formal, Italianate gardens.

Here, the niche is set off perfectly with a masked shell water feature depicting a river god flanked by two porpoises.  The single spout falls into a rock pool with a delightful crab detail.


The given proportions exploit the design's pendentive curve to produce a marked amplification of sound within the niche.  This elusive and historic stonemasonry design trick makes this water feature even more of a talking point.

Grotto Niche Water Feature

  • Interior: height 2.340m x width 1.435m x depth 720mm  

    Design may be adapted to the requisite dimensions of the commissioner.  This may reflect in the price.

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