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Temple of Apollo

This scale model of the magnificent Temple of Apollo at Stourhead - designed and built by Henry Flitcroft in 1765 - represents an extremely rare oddity; a miniature replica hand-carved almost entirely in stone and finished with lead-work to imitate as closely as possible the specifications of the original. 

We are accustomed to seeing architectural scale models and Grand Tour souvenirs in plaster, resin and other such cast media but it is almost unheard of to find a hand-crafted architecturally accurate miniature such as this in authentic limestone.


Please enquire about our broader range of architectural scale models or to commission an original.  


Height: approx. 430mm

Diameter (at base): approx. 370mm 

Materials - limestone, plaster and lead

Price - £1,200





Please note - delivery costs may apply outside the UK - details available on enquiry.

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