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Selected Projects and References

Elim Chapel, Bath.

The Echinus team are skilled in traditional techniques and able to provide all the services expected from a modern stonemasonry company and more besides.  


The diverse experience of our masons allows us to offer a broad range of services: from construction to fine, decorative work. Our specialist knowledge of the natural material of stone allows us to create the best results. 


Our team can assist in the survey and design phases if required and are able to advise on all aspects of your project.


We have included below a selection of work and some references from our more recent projects.

Sympathetic Conservation to Listed Townhouse, Bath


“I wanted to confirm my enormous thanks to you for transforming the masonry in the basement and the garden and for your expertise in investigating and solving the serious problem with damp in the basement.  Our builders had wanted to 'tank' the walls and put a resin over the natural stone floors. 

You advised that this would lead to damp rising up the walls leading to fungal growth at floor level and potentially damp as far as the ground floor of the main house.  This was amply borne out by the development of black mould before your treatment. 

You carefully investigated the source of the problem finding an over-flowing Georgian culvert and sump together with a brisk ooze of water from the ground.  You removed flagstones and subsoil to lay land-drains running into a pipe emptying to the garden.  You replaced the subsoil with 5 tonnes of pebbles and gravel before replacing the flagstones.  You then cleaned and dressed the Bath stone and tooled the Bristol pennants.

The atmosphere in the basement is now normal having previously been dank and cold and barely habitable. 


It is clear that you have preserved and conserved a listed building that otherwise would have been harmed by inappropriate modern building methods.  I know your stand against the proposed building work was stressful and I am therefore particularly grateful that you put principle before comfort. 

Thank you also to your lovely team.  I also enjoyed your insights into the culture of masonry.”

- Prof J.Chambers

Stone Cleaning and Restoration, Percy Chapel, Bath

Our work on this grade II listed building of 'outstanding historical and architectural interest' was in three stages:

- Pointing the rear of the pediment and two panels of the dome to prevent water ingress and further damage and staining to the window, capitals and ashlar below.

- Removal of salt and carbon deposits from the window and masonry directly below.

- Removal of failed pointing and repointing to ashlar at rear ground level and re-institution of flaunching to original drains.



"Thanks again for you and your teams' hard work, we are delighted with the results."

 - D. Handley

Corinthian Capital, Museum of Bath Architecture

Working in conjunction with The Stonemasons' Guild of St. Stephen and St. George one of our team is carving a Corinthian Capital for The Museum of Bath Architecture which will be displayed at the museum with the film made of the process.

Restoration, Lyndhurst, Bath