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The Repton fire surround is a piece which showcases impressive craft skill and is a popular choice for customers with a discerning eye.


Every contrasting coloured Sienna piece is inlaid carefully by hand into the Apollo setting. Those with an appreciation of craft will note the natural striations of the Sienna are book-matched and carefully displayed by cutting the inlay with precise gaps from the raw slab.


The exquisite bas-relief carvings adorning the paterae and central tableau are testament to the superiority of this fine, hand-worked craft piece.



Dimensions -

Height: 1.55 m (61")
Width: 1.91 m (75")
Internal height: 1.14 m (45")
Internal width: 1.16 m (45")

Dimensions are given as for fire surrounds of this design made for past clients.  Within the scope of the design, we can adapt individual features, materials and dimensions to suit your needs.

Marble £13,800

Please note - delivery costs may apply outside the UK - details available on enquiry.

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