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This fire surround is based on a 18th century design by Batty Langley, this particular fire surround is carved in Cotswold stone.


Dimensions of our made to order pieces can be changed within the scope of the design. We can also age your piece by lightly or heavily distressing to suit your preference.


If this fire surround or the others found on this site don't suit your purpose, Echinus can hand-carve your precise design in a range of limestones, sandstones and marbles.


Dimensions -

Height: 1410 mm (55 1/2")

Width: 1506 mm (59 1/4")

Internal height: 965 mm (38")

Width: 914 mm (36")

Depth: 220 mm (8 11/16")

Dimensions are given as for original. Within the scope of the design we can adapt the dimensions and proportions fire surround to suit your needs.

Batty Langley Design Laurel Limestone Fire Surround

  • Approximate Dimensions


    Height: 135.5cm (53.3")

    Width: 152.5cm (60")

    Internal Height: 96.5cm (38")

    Internal Width: 96.5cm (38")

    Depth: 24cm (9.4")




    Cotswold stone (limestone)


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