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This imposing yet beautiful wall fountain is based on a Croatian drinking fountain design. It features a characterful lion mask spout from which water issues into a tulip basin and then flows onto a floor level grate where it is re-cycled. The piece has a panelled background with a flower motif and is surmounted by a fluted, semi-circular pediment.


It has been designed to produce white noise of several differing pitches that effectively subdue ambient noise pollution in your garden. The steady circulation of water also purifies the surrounding air and encourages wildlife such as dragonflies. In the coldest Winter days when the fountain is not running, its timeless design and exquisite carved detail still stand as a beautiful centrepiece to your outdoor space.


Please note, this fountain is available in a choice of limestone or marble; one of our advisers will be happy to discuss these options with you.



Height: 3.65m (12')

Classical Wall Fountain

  • Approximate Dimensions


    Height: 3.657m (12')Height




    Limestone or Marble options are available for the main body of the fountain.

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