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A truly captivating bust of Hygieia, ancient Greek goddess of health and cleanliness, in larger than life scale.

Her name is the origin of the modern word hygiene and her cult continued into Ancient Rome where she was worshipped alongside Asklepios, god of health.​

The arresting and powerful gaze of the statuesque Hygieia becomes the centre of focus wherever she is placed.



Height - 850mm

Diameter (at base) - 285mm


Cast from frost-proof reconstituted limestone, this piece will gain its own beautiful patina over time.This cast stone piece is suitable for outdoor or indoor display and will acquire its own beautiful patina over time

We do not use painted-on patina which will wear off in time.  If required, we will 'seed' the piece to allow the algae and lichens peculiar to your area to form, this usually takes one season to begin.


If this design does not meet your requirements exactly, please let us know. All our items are hand made to order and we are able to produce any design within the scope of the material.


To hire one or more of this item for a wedding, photoshoot, filming or other event please email us for details.

Bust of Hygieia in Cast Stone

  • Specifications:

    Height - 850mm

    Diameter (at base) - 285mm

    Material - Cotswold limestone

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