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Guild Life - 05/06/18

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Flourishing Root and Branch.

As a second year apprentice of The Stonemasons’ Guild of St. Stephen and St. George, it was an honour to be present at this years ceremony accepting new apprentices and court members in the beautiful atmospheric Stone Room of King’s Lynn’s Trinity Guildhall on 31st May.

The indentures awaiting signatures

I experienced a feeling of particular pride watching the seven new apprentices as they handed over their fee of one loaf of bread, a bottle of beer and 33 pence to the Clerk of The Guild, shook the hand of The Guild Master and put their signature on their own indenture, making the commitment to seven years apprenticeship. The memories of my own call to The Guild came flooding back: the gravity of the moment when I picked up the pen to dedicate myself to years of untold challenges and effort but also to guarantee my eligibility to the great support and privileges afforded by Guild training.

Guild Apprentices - 2018 Cohort

There was an air of excitement and cheer amongst the assembled guests – including The Mayor of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, Cllr. Nick Daubney - and a feeling of burgeoning strength in our greater number. The words of our Guild Beadle seemed to resonate long after the ink had dried on the vellum “May the Guild flourish, root and branch!”

On a personal note, I would like to congratulate all the new apprentices, to welcome them to the strange and marvellous world of our Guild and to remind them that I do not take sugar in my tea.


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