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Autumn Craftsmanship

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

This Autumn at Echinus we have some interesting work ahead of us. Our work falls into two main areas:

Site work 

Banker work in progress

We are presently working on conservation, restoration and new build projects in the City of Bath, Wantage in Oxfordshire, Cirencester and Tetbury in Gloucestershire and in Norwich and Haveringland, Norfolk. 

Workshop - based carving and banker work.

Some of our time in the workshop is taken with producing worked stone for our site projects but much is dedicated to hand carved stone features and design pieces.

We are currently working on a classical urn and pedestal for Stranger's Hall garden and a marble memorial in Norwich, some small antique reproduction pieces for a dealer in Mayfair and an heraldic piece for a client in The City of London. 

Alongside projects such as these, our Master Mason carries out some of his own work in our workshop to teach the apprentices; he will soon be undertaking a carving project that will test his skills and push the boundaries of technical sculpture. The piece will be carved from a cubic metre of Carrara marble. He will use some musical phrases—from a piece written specifically for this project by the acclaimed composer Roger Eno—as guides to proportion and for the creation of mood. The numerology of the Norse Yggdrasil, the Tao wishing tree, and work by Nikola Tesla will also play a part in the design, and visual glissandi and portamenti will enhance the sense of movement in the piece.

We are always looking for the next project whether it be pointing or paving, building a folly or house or a design piece from our range available on our site shop or a totally original bespoke piece.

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