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Our Team

The Echinus team unites six devoted craftspeople with a remarkable and unparalleled diversity of skill and experience and a shared understanding and respect for the now-rare English craft tradition in which we were all established. 


Our distinguished training is rooted in the Classical Anglo-Dutch-Danish/Franco-Flemish schools of sculpture which epitomise the English 'Age of Enlightenment' style. 


The illustrious portfolio of our Stonemason-Sculptors includes projects at notable sites including: Queen's House, Greenwich,  Stoneleigh Abbey, Heythrop House, Palm House, Kew Gardens, St.Paul's, Covent Garden, Elveden Hall, Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Windsor Castle, Woburn Abbey, Largo di Torre, Rome and The Palace of Westminster. 


In keeping with our distinguished lineage, we are grounded, not just in the principal skills of stonemasonry, but pride ourselves in offering the full range of specialist disciplines traditionally expected of Court Masons.  Echinus counts, amongst our team, craft experts in:

Architectural carving 






Letter cutting



Casting (in: wax, clay, plaster and lead, as well as 

rubber, fibreglass, resin and composite stone)





Paint effects


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"The scope and quality of my work as a Court Master is founded in my belief that stonemasonry in it's highest and purest form is one of the high watermarks of human achievment in art, spirituality and culture... few great civilisations did not employ stone, and the skill of the mason, to forge and express their identities and few nation states don't do the same to this day."

- Stephen

"A resolute belief in the quiet power of visual art to positively influence the experience of its audience lies at the heart of all my work.  I am keenly aware that the stone pieces I make will outlast me and I begin each project with the intention to create something worthy of the stone, that will serve to elevate, inspire, and move its viewers for generations to come." 

- Frances

"I often seek inspiration in the garden at the beginning of a project: the study of botanical patterns and forms brings endless inspiration...Conversations with the client often contribute to the most sympathetic and nuanced work; whether it be an individual piece to compliment an existing environment or a complete design transformation. Finding space for artistic freedom whilst remaining attuned to the expectations of the patron is a great pleasure." 


- Tom

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