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Grotto Niche

A stately, Classically-designed and proportioned niche, depicted here with rusticated arch, nature-imitating grotto stone finish and vermiculated detailing, makes a magnificent focal point to any garden but works especially well for formal, Italianate gardens.

There are endless possibilities to adapt this design according to your intended function.  Adding simple stone bench to create a restful sanctuary or a playful fountain to showcase your creative imagination. 


The given proportions exploit the design's pendentive curve to produce a marked amplification of sound within the niche.  This elusive and historic stonemasonry design trick makes a fascinating talking point but can also enhance the peaceful sound of a running water feature within the niche.


Materials - Re-constituted Stone

Dimensions (pictured) -

Interior: height 2.340m x width 1.435m x depth 720mm  


Design may be adapted to the requisite dimensions of the commissioner, please enquire below for details

Price - 


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