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Diana The Huntress

Diana the Huntress is a popular figure in Classical decoration; she is the Roman goddess of the hunt, wild animals, fertility and the moon.

Diana is most directly associated with women and was considered to protect them in childbirth; her image is sometimes invoked to represent light, virginity, and purity.

In the gallery above, examples of three stylistic depictions of Diana are shown. As with all Echinus pieces, design motifs can be developed to your exacting specifications. 



Height: 1.55 m (61”)
Width: 1.91 m (75”)
Internal height: 1.14 m (45”)
Internal width: 1.16 m (45")


Dimensions are given as for fire surrounds of this design made for past clients.  Within the scope of the design, we can adapt individual features, materials and dimensions to suit your needs.

Price - Marble £18,000






Please note - delivery costs may apply outside the UK - details available on enquiry. 

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