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Workshops and Educational Services

Carving Workshops and Dates

One Day General Stone Carving Workshop


An achievable project is chosen within the skill level of the attendees; this may be pre-assessed or determined informally within the session introduction (works well in longer sessions).  The choice of design/theme will depend on the interests of the group or individual.  A basic set of skills will be taught in a relaxed, interesting manner and students should find the experience fun and encouraging. Teaching at this level is suitable for students with no prior craft experience.



Building on a pre-acquired basic level of skill, the attendee will broaden their repertoire of skills whilst working on a more challenging project. They will also be offered tailored advice and guidance on their craft technique which may involve the introduction of more specialist tools and processes.  The focus should be on building experience and confidence to achieve more successful results for the hobbyist or aspiring craftsperson. 




Similar to the intermediate programme with attention paid to higher order carving techniques.  Workshops with these students will also incorporate more of the advanced craft and design theory where relevant; including the use of proportion, geometry, symbolism, the psychology of design and the history of architecture and the craft of stonemasonry.  These workshops will serve to cultivate a deeper knowledge of craft theory and to consolidate the grasp of  applied techniques for more established craft practitioners.


Students at all of the above levels are best served in groups of similar ability, in which a level of knowledge can be presumed by the teacher and overall progress is not delayed.  Workshops may be held over a single day, a continuous short course of 3-5 days or on a regular day over a longer term course of several weeks.  


Workshop days are most productive when held over the course of a working day, typically 9am - 4pm, with a scheduled lunch break and provision for informal refreshment breaks, which are particularly important for newcomers to the craft who will need time to develop their stamina and focus within the craft process. 


Stephen will recommend a project that can realistically be comfortably completed within the allotted day or programme schedule and students usually take their completed works home to show family and friends.

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