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The design for this restrained, austere fire surround is taken from an 18th Century original, interpreting the Doric order in a Neo-Classical manner, shown here carved in beautiful Apollo white marble.


Originating in the western Dorian region of Greece, the Doric order of architecture is the earliest and in its essence the simplest, though still featuring complex details in the entablature.

According to Vitruvius the height of Doric columns is six or seven times the diameter at the base.  This gives the Doric columns a shorter, thicker look than Ionic columns, which have 8:1 proportions. It is suggested that these proportions give the Doric columns a masculine appearance, whereas the more slender Ionic columns appear to represent a more feminine look.



Dimensions -

Height: 1350 mm (53 1/2")

Width: 1810 mm (71 1/4")

Internal height: 990 mm (39" )

Internal width: 960 mm (37 3/4")

Shelf depth: 250 mm (10")

Dimensions are given as for the original studio piece.  Within the scope of the design, we can adapt individual features, materials and dimensions to suit your needs.

Limestone £3,400


Please note - delivery costs may apply outside the UK - details available on enquiry.

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