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Classical Foot

This imposing ornament is reminiscent of the Greek copies of Classical statues seen and brought back by wealthy Europeans from their Grand tours of the Classical world in the 18th Century.

Fragments of original Classical Greek statues were initial brought back but before long local craftsmen were making piece especially for the new market that had appeared.

This piece is designed to be shown inside or out as either a centrepiece to a garden or alternatively to stand on a large mantel or table as a striking ornament.



Material - Reconstituted stone or hand carved limestone

Dimensions - 

Length - Approx. 767mm (30.1")

Width - Approx. 460mm (18.1")

Height - Approx. 350mm(13.7")

Price -

Reconstituted stone: £360

Limestone: £2,100





Please note - delivery costs may apply outside the UK - details available on enquiry.

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