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Classical Frieze

Hand-Carved Marble Classical Frieze

This basso- and mezzo-relievo frieze was inspired by a piece from Greek antiquity.  The depiction of this convincing, lively tableau in such shallow relief demonstrates exceptional skill on the part of the carver.


The stirring scene shows a troupe of men hastily leading their horses on an urgent journey but are they escaping some danger, travelling to a promised land or facing an epic challenge?


The task of the commissioner of a frieze such as this is to fill in the details of the story, to become the narrator of their own personal myth.



Height - Approx. 254mm (10")

Width - Approx. 584mm (23")

Depth - Approx. 50mm(2")

Material - Marble

Price - £7000

Please note - delivery costs may apply outside the UK - details available on enquiry.

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